Since being under Lasha’s Leadership in 2013 she immediately took the time to invest in me and my potential to become a leader within the organization. Lasha has constantly pushed and motivated me to strive for greatness and pursue higher goals whether that be in education to go as far as stepping outside of the box to network with people I may have not felt comfortable with in order to succeed in the workplace.


Leader at a Fortune 100 Company

Lasha has been such an inspiration. Watching her growth and progress in Corporate America has allowed me to seek guidance from her. Lasha has shown me how to be unapologetically me in the workforce. She has expressed how important it is to be yourself and network, network, network which has in turn helped me FINALLY get the Leadership role I had been trying for over five years.


Chelsea McGowen

Leader at a Fortune 100 Company

 I've updated my resumes myself forever. I thought I knew what it needed to say and how it should be structured. My eyes were opened quickly to a few tweaks and modifications that made my resume absolutely POP! Lasha Murray has such a grasp on what style would work best for the exact role I was seeking and she is extremely thorough in her research to make sure that I was representing myself in the best way to get noticed. The process was so easy and the end result was a resume that, as a former mid-level HR director, would catch my eye. It was one that made perfect sense and represented me perfectly and accurately for the role I was seeking. We all think we know what we need to say but you should most definitely reach out to Lasha for her resume service. It will give you the peace of mind that you are setting yourself apart for that next best role in a sea of resumes. Do this for yourself....I'm so glad I did.